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Time tracking
Build your perfect data foundation for spotless invoicing and deep business insights with easy time tracking.

Project management
Be a project manager world champion. Keep your projects on track - and profitable.

Resource management
Efficiently staff projects and run a predictable business with confidence.

Insights & Reporting
Get smarter - faster - to make clever decisions for long-term growth impact.

Project Accounting & Invoicing
Invoice everything - fast and accurate - while staying on top of project finances.

Staff & Salary
Give accountants and HR an intelligence tool to eliminate draining administration.

Economy department
Save 1-2 days a month on your invoicing process.

Project teams
From planning to execution and evaluation. Strong tools for every project manager.

Management teams
Create a performance-driven culture with strong reporting capabilities.

Large enterprises
Enhance operations and performance across entities, countries and departments.

NGOs and non-profit organisations
Simplify internal processes, spend less time on administration, and get documentation in place - at a discounted rate.

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Get access to templates, guides and webinars that help and inspire you.

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TimeLog CRM Integration

Can you rest assured that you will have a smooth flow through the pipeline in the next few months? With TimeLog CRM, your company’s sales potential is just a click away.

TimeLog CRM Integration
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Manage your sales process

Easy management of your customer's lifecycle

Give your sales staff the tools they need to work efficiently and maintain customer relations. Get an overview of each salesperson’s figures as well as the company pipeline.

TimeLog CRM is designed to facilitate selling processes and in-house customer data sharing. This allows sales staff, marketing assistants and consultants to easily create viable, long-term customer relations.

Customer data, history, sales, offers and pipeline are pivotal elements in TimeLog CRM, which offers easy management of every stage of a customer’s lifecycle.


Product Image - Customer

Manage your sales processes and customer lifecycle

View of company pipeline as well as individual and shared pipelines

Never miss a customer appointment, deadline or meeting again

Log all information - quotes, customer calls, and follow-up - on the contact

Improve your sales

The TimeLog CRM data structure offers ample sales analysis features, providing you with a clear view of which business areas to focus on in order to improve your results.

Are you a sales manager looking for the statistics on how many meetings and offers lead to new customers? How many scheduled meetings are cancelled? Which salespersons have the highest meeting attendance? Or which key leads have yet to make a decision?

With TimeLog CRM, you can unlock the full potential of your sales staff to highlight business areas where there is room for improvement.

Jira Cloud tidsregistrering
Overblik og kontrol med Jira Cloud tidsregistrering

Individual and shared pipelines

TimeLog CRM helps each salesperson maintain their own opportunity portfolio, while providing management with a clear view of the company pipeline. Illustrating both current sales and weighted prognoses for upcoming sales, the pipeline is a highly useful tool for sales staff and management alike.

Clear follow-ups on leads and customers

Sales staff always have their work cut out. That’s why having the right tool help you remember customer appointments, deadlines etc. is crucial. With TimeLog CRM’s event management feature, you will never miss another meeting or offer.


Do you have questions regarding the CRM integration or do you want a personal walkthrough?


Easily share files online between TimeLog and OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive

Easily share files online between TimeLog and OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive

18 min read

Online file sharing - TimeLog integrates with Dropbox, Google and Microsoft. So you can always access your project documents.

Download now
Time tracking through Outlook

Time tracking through Outlook

25 min read

Turn appointments into registrations with the integration between TimeLog and Microsoft Outlook. Make your time tracking and scheduling faster and easier.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint

17 min read

TimeLog's integration with SharePoint Online in Office 365 gathers your knowledge in one place and ensures good knowledge sharing.

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Ready for international expansion?

Ready for international expansion?

23 min read

Create synergy between your departments with multiple legal entities in TimeLog. You get the opportunity to link several financial systems to TimeLog.

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Jira Cloud and TimeLog integration

Jira Cloud and TimeLog integration

18 min read

Combine the best of agile with the best of time tracking with the Jira integration to TimeLog.

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Gamification makes time tracking fun

Gamification makes time tracking fun

22 min read

Gamification makes time tracking fun - and increases your monthly billable hours by 10%.

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Invoice export: Eliminate manual data entry

Invoice export: Eliminate manual data entry

13 min read

The invoice export makes it possible to transfer hours and invoice date from TimeLog to your financial system using a .CSV or –TXT file.

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Looking for easy time tracking integrated into your Business Central solution?

Looking for easy time tracking integrated into your Business Central solution?

25 min read

Make it easy for employees and colleagues to track time and manage projects with TimeLog's integration to Business Central.

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Connect all your departments' project tools

Connect all your departments' project tools

12 min read

With's integration, you can connect TimeLog with e.g. JIRA and Microsoft TFS 2013 and thereby secure your invoicing potential.

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