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Time tracking
Build your perfect data foundation for spotless invoicing and deep business insights with easy time tracking.

Project management
Be a world champion project manager. Keep your projects on track - and profitable.

Resource management
Efficiently staff projects and run a predictable business with confidence.

Insights & Reporting
Get smarter - faster - to make clever decisions for long-term growth impact.

Project accounting & Invoicing
Invoice everything - fast and accurate - while staying on top of project finances.

Staff & Salary
Give accountants and HR an intelligent tool to eliminate draining administration.

Financial Systems
TimeLog offers standard integrations for all your favourite financial systems. Save time and reduce manual tasks.

Payroll Solutions
TimeLog offers standard integrations for multiple payroll solutions. Get easy salary administration and only enter payroll information once.

Track time automatically via Outlook, use gamification or find another add-on that can support your business.

Multiple Legal Entities
You can create synergy between your departments and across borders and offices with the Multiple Legal Entities module from TimeLog. 

Business Intelligence
Utilise the insights you get from TimeLog to the fullest. Our system is ready to integrate with multiple BI solutions.

Partner Integrations
TimeLog PSA is part of a large ecosystem. Get an overview of all the partner integrations in the TimeLog family.

Economy department
Save 1-2 days a month on your invoicing process.

Project teams
From planning to execution and evaluation. Robust tools for every project manager.

Management teams
Create a performance-driven culture with solid reporting capabilities.

Large enterprises
Enhance operations and performance across entities, countries and departments.

NGOs and non-profit organisations
Simplify internal processes, spend less time on administration, and get documentation in place - at a discounted rate.

Get inspired to run an even better business with articles, guides and analyses.

Guides, podcasts and webinars
Get access to templates, guides and webinars that help and inspire you.

Help Center
Looking for help material and user guides to the TimeLog system? Look no further. Find all the help you need now.

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Get a single source of truth
Discover how companies maintain a single source of truth across borders, departments, and currencies.

Get integrated
Discover the advantages customers gain from utilising our integrations and API. 

Reporting in real-time
Explore how others leverage reporting to optimise their processes and make informed decisions.

Get started with resource planning
Discover how other companies thoroughly grasp their resources and enhance their ability to predict future trends.

Improved project financials
This is how the efficient financial toolbox from TimeLog helps project managers and CFOs improve their project financials.

Faster invoicing
Discover how other companies have slashed the time spent on invoicing by 75% - and uncover how you can achieve the same efficiency.

The Story of TimeLog
Get insights on TimeLog and how we can help you grow and evolve your business.

See who shows up every day to deliver the best PSA solution.

What's life like at TimeLog? Are we hiring? Get the answer here.

Create even more value for your customers, as well as ours, as a TimeLog Partner.

Premium Service
Online Help Center, tailored onboarding and support from Day 1.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We work to ensure a positive impact on planet, people and businesses.

Security and GDPR
Learn more about how we work to keep your data safe and provide maximum security.

Customer cases

Learn how you can save days on invoicing, improve your project finances, automate processes and get an overview of staff, projects and finances.

Eggers & Partner

Eggers & Partner are ready to eliminate paper and spreadsheets

Eggers & Partner wanted to increase transparency, eliminate paper and reduce manual processes. Learn why they chose TimeLog for the job.

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Erhvervhus customer case

Time registration-based reports for the EU

Danish business growth organisation Væksthus Sjælland and its sister organisations chose TimeLog for keeping track of their time registrations.

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Specialisterne customer case

Specialisterne always knows the present situation with TimeLog

Especially the TimeLog Tracker makes exact time tracking possible, which is important for the consultants at Specialisterne

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Chalmers Universitet uses TimeLog time registration

Why TimeLog is the best time registration system for Chalmers

Chalmers’ IT department needed a more user-friendly and cost-effective system for time registration. TimeLog was the solution that best matched their requirements.

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Ecomentor customer case

From C5 to online time tracking

The accounting firm Ecomentor switched from time tracking in the C5 financial system to TimeLog, which better supports the consultancy firm's processes and needs - and at the same time saved them DKK 150,000 on IT investments.

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Seismonaut customer case

Reliable estimation and project scheduling

For the small consultancy firm Seismonaut, the time registration in TimeLog is an indispensable tool that allows them to create very accurate project estimates for their customers.

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Pentia customer case

A profitable cooperation

Thomas Albert, CEO at Pentia, tells about their experience with TimeLog through more than 10 years.

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