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Focus and time tracking

Create more focus for your team and best practices for time tracking.

The webinar is available on-demand


Learn to improve your team's work  

If you run a consultancy, time tracking is probably at the core of your business model.

And it's also the basis for how much you can bill.

But for employees, time tracking can become a chore and feel like a distraction from the work they see as value-adding and motivating.

If you want to create a productive and happy work environment with happy employees, you need to make time and focus on the work that creates value.

And making time tracking more meaningful and motivating for the individual.

In this two-part webinar, we've invited experts Trine Kolding and Karsten Rasmussen to give you concrete strategies for creating focus and incorporating good (and fun) time tracking routines in your team.

You can access the webinar by filling out the form.




Part 1: How to give you and your team more time and focus

Trine Kolding shows you how to reduce and manage interruptions, save time and increase focus and efficiency.

  1. Spot the patterns so you can create more time and focus

  2. Four concrete strategies to reduce and manage interruptions

  3. How to get back to focus faster after an interruption

Part 2: Create better (and more fun) time tracking routines

Karsten Rasmussen gives you inspiration on how to turn time tracking from a chore into a fun(ner) activity where employees lift the assignment together.

  1. Understand the importance of good and bad time tracking for your organisation

  2. See how gamification, team spirit and humour can improve your time tracking

  3. Hear how good routines help provide better data and make time tracking less stressful for the individual 



Your webinar hosts are:


Karsten Rasmussen

Founder & CEO, TimeJam

Karsten has been time tracking throughout his career and has always seen it as a chore that was difficult to get really good at. As the CEO of a web agency, he realised the impact poor time data had on the agency's well-being and set out to find new ways to motivate his team to deliver great time tracking.

He later started TimeJam, a bot that makes time tracking motivating and engaging through gamification, team spirit and a twinkle in the eye.


Trine Kolding

Author og educator

Denmark's leading expert in efficiency and planning, Trine Kolding, has a penchant for time. Yes, more than that: She is passionate about spreading the knowledge of how to plan it - and how to create more of it in a busy workday.

Since 2000, Trine has been inspiring and counselling busy managers and employees to focus and make the most of their time.

She is currently working on the book FOKUS - how to create good working conditions for your brain.



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